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Specialty Cruise Lines
Looking for an alternative to traditional ocean cruising? Consider a sail ship or river cruise.

The ships in the specialty cruise category offer a luxurious cruise experience with a "casually elegant" country club atmosphere. Unregimented, graceful and subtle, each ship is a reflection of what you want it to be. The shipboard lifestyle is generally unstructured, with few organized activities. In keeping with the contemporary atmosphere on board these ships, the style of dress is casually refined. Jackets, if worn, are casual and ties may be left at home. Ships in this class are smaller and the service on board is of the highest caliber.

For those who love the open seas but are looking for an alternative to the typical cruise or resort vacation, sail ship cruising may be the answer. Sail ship cruising allows passengers to feel the salt spray off the bow of the ship, to meander through tiny islands in the Caribbean, Mexico, Costa Rica, Tahiti, and Europe and visit small, quaint ports that larger ships cannot access. These luxurious vessels, complete with billowing, white sails, carry passengers into a bygone era of exploration and romance on the high seas.

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